Pet Food & Products, WA

Pinjarra Traders is a proudly Australian, family owned, managed and run animal nutrition business that has been supplying animal feed and associated products to the Peel region since 1982. As the longest standing premier stock feeder in the region, we offer a broad spectrum of supplements, feed, and accessories for pets, farm and agricultural animals.

You will find that our large variety of products incorporates the needs of all animals from small to large. The focus is to provide superb quality foods to all clients from professional trainers and hobby farmers to the general public. When buying Pinjarra products you are providing quality feed made from the finest ingredients and filled with essential minerals and nutrients to ensure your animals’ wellbeing.

Clients have been using our services for over 30 year and industry experience has allowed us to offer only quality solutions and an extensive product list, which includes:

  • Stockfeed
  • Horse feed
  • Bird seed
  • Chicken feed
  • Chook food
  • Aviary supplies
  • Dog and cat food
  • Pet coats
  • Boots
  • Poultry
  • Accessories

In addition to supplying horse products, we also offer a host of different animal feeds and accessories. To accommodate our growth into large-scale animal nutrition, we’ve opened a stand-alone saddlery and clothing shop – Stable Affairs – to accommodate the high demand for equine products. Never compromising on quality, we still offer you a variety of products and accessories, but with more choice.

Free delivery service
You don’t have to worry about collections either. We have fully equipped vehicles that complement and support our free delivery service, offered to all our clients. Contact us today for our product price list. Our qualified staff are on hand to assist you in all aspects of the stockfeed industry.